Our heater started on fire

I had a gas oil furnace that heated my home. The gas oil furnace never got any sort of heating tune up or repair. Every year I would just turn it on and let it go to work. I figured that if the oil furnace needed a tune up, it would not turn on. I also never did any beach house maintenance myself. I never cleaned, oiled or tightened any parts. I did not realize that a gas oil furnace requires a lot care from a homeowner. After a couple of years with no heating maintenance, the gas oil furnace got even with me. I returned beach house a single day to a fire truck in my yard and a bunch of firemen spaying their houses on my roof. The gas oil furnace had apparently lit on fire and burned my living room and most of my family room down before they caught it. I talked to a single of the firemen to figure out how this happened. It all resulted in my gas oil furnace being too dirty. Apparently it is respected with gas oil furnaces lighting on fire. The oil furnace has a little air filter that catches dust. If you don’t disinfect the air filter, dust gets in the system. The dusty oil furnace then works harder and overheats itself. When it overheats, it can light on fire. That is exactly what my oil furnace did because the air filter never has gotten changed. I am now out a oil furnace and a ton of furniture because I did not update a cheap little AC filter. I am entirely miserable that nobody warned me about it.

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