She knows about the cold

My mother has to be one of the most confusing & interesting people who has ever walked this earth and that I know. She has her own certain brand of unusual neuroticism that drives all of her behaviors & thoughts about the world out in public. As such, it’s pretty hard to make much sense of what she does, because it is not based in reason or logic. So that’s why I should not have been surprised when I went to visit her last weekend & the following scenario unfolded. This is what happened, the outdoor air temperature was in the low 20s, which felt shocking since all of us don’t ever really experience a frigid Winter anymore. Therefore, I was somewhat accustomed to the frigid air from my upbringing in the midwest. But all of the windchill & falling snow was still uncomfortable after years of living in the south, and my mother kept complaining about the frigid air as well as if she didn’t live every day in these parts of the country. As all of us lounged around the fireplace at my mom’s condo having quality family time, I walked right over to the control component and was completely shocked to see that the temperature was set at a terribly low 64 degrees. No wonder my Dad was feeling cold, I thought. I bumped the air temperature up a few degrees & heard the oil furnace kick into gear with a satisfying woosh. As the sizzling air finally flowed into the condo & gave a huge relief from the drafty frigid windows, my Dad came rushing into the room & ran immediately to the control unit. “I knew it!” she exclaimed! That’s when she turned the heat back down with forceful motions, and one moment later she was back to complaining about how cold it felt in the condo.

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