Solutions to my HVAC problem

The other night, I was flipping through the channels on late night cable, plus I came across this cooking show that was done in another country. The place they were recording the show at actually looked love it was a heat box, plus I could not understand how the chef on the show was even cooking all that hot food without dehydrating! There was easily no signs of air conditioning in the place as you could see the sweat on the chef. I didn’t even see an air vent or a portable a/c. Not even a window air conditioning plan was present as far as I could see. I have no clue what country this show was recorded in or where these people were from. I just suppose they had thick accents plus there were subtitles on the screen. I almost felt love going online to see what country this was, plus if they even believed in heating plus cooling in that country. How could you even cook in all that heat without air conditioning? The whole concept of cooking in a hot kitchen with no air conditioning is just something I can not begin to suppose about or understand. And with this obviously being the dead heat of summer, that makes it even more unbelievable. I suppose I am going to find the contact info of the cable channel that has the show on plus email them, then just to ask where the show is from, plus if they suppose anything about the heating plus cooling situation in that country, but unreal really, no air conditioning! I could be wrong though, plus they were just perspiring from the hot kitchen plus studio lights.

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