Southern heat is tough

I don’t consider myself to be antisocial. I was a pretty wild child in my day, and made a lot of friends and went to a lot of parties in college. I still keep in contact with many of said friends, and I do enjoy stepping out now and again to have some fun, even these days. That being said, the older I get and the more mature I get, the more I appreciate my own personal space and how comforting it is. Over the past few years, more and more of my weekends have been spent simply lounging around at home and enjoying not working, or not doing much of anything really. I will catch up on the various TV series that I’m watching on my video streaming service or try and find a good movie or two as I sit on the couch in the living room, just kicking back and enjoying myself. I have to admit that the brand new HVAC system that I recently installed makes it even more difficult for me to muster any interest in leaving the house. This baby is really powerful, and as intense as the summer has been in the past couple of months, I barely feel the effects of it at all within my home, thanks to my excellent air conditioning. My home is so cool and inviting thanks to my new HVAC system, and I endeavour to make sure that that stays the case. I change my air filters regularly, perhaps even more often than I need to, and I signed up for an extensive service plan to ensure that my HVAC system can be relied upon throughout the entire year. If my house got any more comfortable I would turn into a hermit!

HVAC system