That was extremely challenging

I love studying & every chilly season I do a book quest. I either go through all our hardcover & paperback books or our kindle books. I spend fall & Winter time just studying & studying. I love studying when it is cold. What am I going to do outside anyway? I grab the next book on our quest & curl up in front of our fireplace. I don’t know guilty about studying when it is horrible outside. Also, I don’t know bad about running our gas furnace all the time when I get so much use out of it. I am consistently curling up by the fireplace & enjoying the heating during the chilly season. I usually get a cable series going in the Winter time too. I study for a bit & then I switch over to 1 of our shows. I option a new series & just watch until I run out. Again, the oil furnace makes this experience a more pleasurable 1. Once the weather takes a turn & I don’t use the gas furnace anymore, I am not so great about being inside. I always have to time our book quest just perfectly. I want to study the entire time I have our heating device on. The day the gas furnace turns off, I want to be done studying. I want to transfer onto now working outside & being more physical. One year I was a bit late & was studying indoors when it was warm. I refused to run the a/c for our quest & outside was too warm. I am never going to let that happen again.

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