The air filters in those HVAC units

My friends as well as I took a field trip last year with our college art history class… It was a Sunday trip, as well as anyone who attended the trip was going to receive extra credit. Then my friends as well as I were interested to visit the site, but extra credit made us forget about losing a whole Sunday. It took almost two hours to drive to the museum, which had a display of rare books! Some of the books as well as manuscripts were from the 10th Century. My friends as well as I were honestly gleeful to see some ancient Scrolls as well as text. Then there was a group of people gathered around the rare book room when every one of us arrived to the museum. Each visitor had to enter through a special room, as well as the rare books room was even set up with a special air filtration unit. Each of us had to clean our hands as well as put on a special gown, before we could enter the room where the rare books were held! The room was set up with an air filtration unit, so we could display these rare books. The air filtration unit removed all of the bacteria as well as pathogens that could do harm to the rare books. Even the humidity was monitored, in order to preserve the special manuscripts. My favorite part of the collection, was an outdated textbook written by an ancient Greek philosopher. I would make the trip again to see more pages from that Old textbook. I can see why the museum set up such a particular viewing room with an air filtration system. Those books are an amazing treasure.

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