The gas heater fumes

One of the reasons I stay living in the northern midwest despite the increasingly severe as well as more chilly Winter seasons is the amazing smell of burning wood.  It literally wafts through the air no matter where you go. I smell it when I walk outside our lake house in the afternoon as well as the minute I walk to our car from our office building every night at 6.  It’s something I have grown so accustomed to while living here that while I was in 1 Winter season where I had to be away at our Grandfather Rents for the season, I was struck instantly by the lack of the smell in their southern air everyday.  When I moved into our current house, I was happy to find out it had a working fireplace as well as had been recently cleaned as well as was ready for immediate use. It had been numerous years at that point since I was able to burn wood personally, so it was a nice addition to the other amenities I was expecting when I pulled the trigger as well as signed the lease.  But the feelings of problem as well as paranoia over long term health effects soon outweighed our excitement as our asthma symptoms began worsen every time I used the fireplace. After doing some research as well as speaking with our doctor, I determined that with the older style of fireplace as well as chimney in the lake house I’m renting now, it is not as effective at trapping all of the smoke as several of the newer designs, especially compared to a wood stove.  So every time I opened the door to move a sizzling log or to add wood to reawaken the sparks, I would get stray smoke in our living room as well as then through our Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan as well as into the rest of our house. Quitting use of the fireplace altogether made our breathings problems subside almost instantly. So although I legitimately love the smell of burning wood in the distance when it is far away from our lungs, I assume I just can’t handle it when it’s in our own house… at least until I can move anywhere with a wood stove as well as a better chimney system.