The heating system is key

There are several things I do which are very taxing on my body, but I have this tendency to simply not eat all afternoon and evening and then eat one big meal around 10 or 11 P.M. when I’m completely famished; this habit undoubtedly makes me feel strange throughout the afternoon and sometimes even convinces me that I’m actually sick, but it’s the only way for my brain to stay totally focused all afternoon long on the tasks I need to complete. I also have an inclination for filling my body with alcohol and a lot of smoke – especially when I’m not doing so perfect. The problem is, my most troubling time of year is the long, frigid, dark winters we have here up north when there’s barely a glimpse of any daylight for four months at a time. This is a long period of time to be physically and mentally exhausted and weak, and unfortunately I tend to turn to those array of means to make it through the taxing season; so typically, the amount of drinking and smoking increases. The biggest issue, besides destroying my body completely for the long term, is that the frosty air outdoors is already too much for my poor immune system to handle. All the cold, dry air whipping around, not to mention the snow and ice storms we have, do not bode well for my internal respiratory environment and leaves me defenseless against illness, especially when I add on my bad habits of cigarettes and whisky to pass the season – I don’t have a chance. Soon I’m teetering between hot and cold, shivering, and covered in chills. It’ll be about three months before I feel better physically, and another four months before the fog in my brain clears out.

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