The HVAC and pine needles

After a recent fancy service fee from my Heating in addition to A/C dealer, I was starting to lose all hope that I would be able to remedy my problem.  I live on a lot with half a dozen large pine trees that shed pine needles like a labrador shedding fur. The needles get everywhere—they carpet my yard as well as kill the lawn, they clutter my pool as well as get cabin in the filter, as well as worst of all, they’re slowing destroying my air conditioner condenser unit.  Despite the metal grate over the top of the fan blades, the needles fall in such high numbers that they have little trouble getting inside as well as wedging themselves into the fan assembly. The Heating in addition to A/C corporation that I had been using at the time told me to break back any foliage near the condenser, however when I told them that the source is trees that cover the entirety of my front, back, as well as side grass, the specialist shrugged his shoulders as well as went on his way.  I got determined as well as decided to do some research on my own. It turns out that trimming trees is not my only option for keeping the pine needles out of the air conditioner condenser. It turns out that there is a product designed identifiably to prevent leaves, pine needles, as well as other loose pieces of foliage from falling into the air conditioner condenser as well as damaging the internal components. It’s a cover called a leaf guard. The cover almost looks like a large hair net for the top of the condenser—it’s black netting material with an elastic wrap so it fits a few inches down from the top edge of the machine itself.  Based on the design, airflow through the condenser remains unimpeded while adding more protection against stray particulate. I haven’t had to call the Heating in addition to A/C corporation to service my condenser a single time since installing the leaf guard.

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