the poor indoor air at the hospital

I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. I walked in there and I just wanted to walk back out. I was there to visit someone who was in the observation ward of the hospital. The air stunk so much that I had to cover my nose. Here there were, people who were waiting for a room in the hospital, and they were in this ward that was no better than what they show in the movies! There was a private toilet, but it was inside the room. There was just a small curtain to separate the toilet from the bed. And the smell hung in the air like a cloud. All the doctors and medical professionals were coming into the room in their garb, telling me that the garb was to protect themselves from the germs. The patient was contagious, but I had to laugh because no one told me that I had to wear special garb. I questioned that, and they said it was because I was related and so I was entirely already exposed, and I suppose their garb was to shield them from the smells. I asked if they had Heating and A/C in the room. And if they did, why was it so hot? I also wanted to see where the whole-house air purifier was in this room. This was one of the biggest hospitals, and supposedly one of the most forward thinking hospitals, on the East Coast. They had patients who were there because they were either sick or in pain. They didn’t have whole-house air purifiers to keep the smells of defecation or vomit out of the air. I told them that I wanted a medical professional in that room, instantly and I was taking my mother home.