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         When my husband and I bought our first home, we had to settle for an older fixer-upper home… The home needed a good deal of renovations, however, my husband and I saw some real potential. The home was 62 years old, yet we thought it still had good bones in addition to a strong foundation. And even though the roof needed work in addition to the porch needing to be replaced, my husband and I saw the potential in this home. We bought the 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home for a small amount of cash. The greatest problem was a bad smell permeating throughout the entire home. The previous owners had a lot of pets, so the home wreaked like an animal farm.  My husband and I cleaned the home from the top to the bottom. He and I scrubbed every nook and cranny until every surface had been wiped clean with bleach. Still, that awful smell of animals was everywhere in the house. We had noticed the smell was recognizably bad when the heating or air conditioning system was running. After we did some research, my husband and I found out that the smell could be in our HVAC ductwork. We had decided to call a professional HVAC repair company. They came to our home and critiqued our complete air filtration system. They advocated a cleaning in addition to sanitizing the HVAC ductwork, in order to rid our home of that awful smell. They gave us a guarantee that included getting our cash back. My husband and I decided to continue with the cleaning and sanitizing of the HVAC ductwork… It took several hours to complete the task. After all of our HVAC ductwork was scrubbed clean, that awful smell seemed to disappear. The next big plan will be updating all of the outdated fixtures throughout the house.

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