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I have been living in a dorm room for more than one years now. My college makes freshman plus sophomores stay in the dorms. I guess it is the worst rule our college has because I had a bad roommate last year. I asked the dean of the university if I would be allowed to leave our dorm plus get a arena on our own. The dean said no, so I was stuck in the dorms for the rest of last year. This year is our junior year plus I couldn’t get our own arena fast enough. I was so cheerful our parents were willing to help me out with paying for a arena on our own. However, there was a single concern with the home plus that was the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. There was a gas furnace, however there wasn’t any cooling equipment. This meant that I would be covered in sweat to death in our home while the two of us were in the summertime weeks. I was complaining to our parents about the lack of cooling unit plus they provided to help me out again; For our birthday this year they provided me a gift card to have a small a/c window component installed by a local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer. My property owner didn’t have any issues with it as long as a Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier came plus installed the a/c window unit. I knew that when the summer time came I would so cheerful to have the a/c installed plus I could not thank our parents enough for helping me out so much.

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