This is a very good idea

All of my siblings live very far away from each other, and I think that it is a good thing. None of us ever got along very much growing up as kids, and whenever we go back to mom and dad’s house for special things such as christmas it is always messy. The house that we grew up in is super old school, and it tends to be super cold in there. It is especially cold upstairs where the guest rooms are, and with me being the youngest, I always get forced to stay in the room without any heated gas furnace. We have all tried to get mom and dad to get with the times and have an industrial grade heated gas furnace put in because the house is so big, but they always have some excuse as to why it can’t happen. Almost every night staying here I will wake up because I can hear my own teeth chattering! I have tried to bring in a mini portable heating unit to warm up the room, but it was not strong enough to get the job done. I have also tried to sleep downstairs where there is some radiant heated flooring, but my dad snores so loud I can’t get any sleep downstairs either. At the same time while I am not getting any rest, my siblings and i are all arguing about everything in between during the day. I might just have to stop coming back to these family gatherings, because it is starting to feel less like family and more like enemies.

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