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Every one of us are respectfully in the middle of winter. Even though I live in a southern state, I still have to use the heating system occasionally. I constantly look forward to the end of summer, because it entirely is super warm here most of the time… My favorite time of year is the time when I can permanently shut off the a/c plus open the windows. All the musty smells make their way outside, the home smells fresh plus clean, plus the heating plus cooling bill goes down to a sufficient level. However, the Fall season with its open windows leads into winter, plus Winter time means having to turn on the heater. I would appreciate to never use the gas furnace, however occasionally it just can’t be helped. I find that the air emanating from the air vents dries out our skin plus lips, plus it usually makes me cough. Even so, our weather gets frosty enough to freeze pipes, so occasionally using the heating system is just plain mandatory. It is better to close the windows plus turn on heat pump than it is to have a pipe burst plus send water all over the site. Water injure is costly plus time consuming. Our warm weather season generally lasts about 8 or 9 months of the year, plus the people I was with and I usually have about 3 months of milder weather in the fall plus Springtime. It is constantly a joy to welcome Springtime with its blooms plus fall with its burnt yellow plus cranberry colors. And of course opening the windows is great when the people I was with and I don’t need heating plus cooling at all.

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