What a relationship

Every now and then, our area is graced with a beautiful day. I’m always looking at the weather forecast, hoping that just such a beautiful day is on the horizon. Whenever there is a day like this in the forecast, I am sure to cherish it as much as possible! I will schedule all manner of outdoor activities, just to soak up the perfectly warm sunshine and delightfully cool breezes. Even when I spend such days indoors, I always completely shut off my HVAC system and just open the windows to enjoy it. After all, on most other days, I have to use my HVAC system almost constantly to remain comfortable. The weather is very fickle around here and just because it’s a particular season doesn’t mean that you can expect constant temperatures. During some months of the year around here, it can be just below freezing in the morning, only to warm up to the point where it’s pushing 80 in the afternoon! Using both the heater and the air conditioning system in the same day is definitely not unheard of. That is why I cherish days with a stable and pleasant temperature: because we hardly ever get them! The sun may be out and shining one day and the skies may be clear, but it may also be 40 degrees outside! Other times, the temperature may be mild, but it may be stormy for half of the day, so you don’t get to enjoy it. Overall, there’s a reason why they call it climate control, and I for one am glad that modern technology exists, and I get to be comfortable all throughout the year in my home!