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The last time our fiance plus I went to the beach it was for a long weekend. We were celebrating our fifteenth anniversary plus the two of us decided to stay in 1 of those charming bed plus dinner inns right on the edge of the ocean. It was a appealing, old romantic place with a giant wraparound porch so you could see the view from any angle on the porch. We were a little bit distraught when the two of us first walked into the lobby downstairs because the temperature outside was entirely tepid that weekend plus the lobby didn’t think genuinely cool to us. As a matter of fact, it didn’t think much savor the property owners had the air conditioner running at all inside the B&B. I was a little bit worried because I am 1 of those people who just can’t live without air conditioning. My fiance knows this about me – plus he also knows that I get entirely crabby plus in a awful mood when I’m too hot. So he instantaneously asked the owner of the B&B if the inn had air conditioning. I suppose he was going to cancel our reservations if the owner had said no! But the owner just laughed plus told us that he plus his husband had installed zone control heating plus air conditioning in the place the year before because his husband was cold all the time plus their guests had been complaining about the lack of air conditioning; He assured us that the air conditioning worked just enjoyable up in the guest quarters upstairs, plus boy, were the two of us relieved to hear that!

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