Zone control really helped us out

      Since the state offered us the funding last year to upgrade the Heating, Ventilation & A/C idea at the rescue I volunteer at, things are much better; This old building runs solely off of fundraisers plus is manned primarily by volunteers. The neighborhood can only pay for one woman to work here full time. This is a registered animal dentist who keeps every one of our animals  as healthy as can be. We were amazed when we were finally awarded the currency for the heating plus cooling idea upgrades–we really didn’t think it would happen for years, if ever!

                 With the modern Heating, Ventilation & A/C idea upgrades, we have been able to make this locale recognize feel like a whole modern building. The modern idea includes many Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone controls, rather than one for the entire building. This allows us to moderate the thermostat in different areas for different animals. We can keep the area where we have puppies plus nursing mothers warmer to suit the little ones. The wing for full grown pets is just a bit cooler, so they don’t get too hot. The cats have their own thermostat too! Last though not least, we now have an media air cleaner plus a humidistat built right into the system.

               The air purification idea keeps the air aroma fresh plus keeps scents from travelling. This also improves the health of our pets, thanks to the UV light which destroys bacteria in the air. Finally the humidifier helps the air stay just right by changing moisture levels as needed.

HVAC zone control