A quick HVAC repair

The environment in my work apartment is quite deplorable and every one of us have complain to management on numerous days. They haven’t seemed to care much at all and every one of us have gotten to the point where we would equally think about quitting our jobs. Every one of us decided to finally get together and make One last-ditch Plea to corporate to do something about the furnace and cooling machine. It seemed those complaints might have been heard, because this weekend the supplier is coming by to replace the entire furnace and cooling machine. It’s almost as if they heard our complaints and knew we would walk out. They probably realize that business is no longer going to be viable, if the employees leave because of a poor indoor air quality. Honestly, there are numerous reasons for every one of us to leave and the furnace and cooling machine are really just the tip of the iceberg. It’s nice to see they are listening and finally want to do something to remedy the terrible indoor air. A new furnace and cooling machine should help make a strong difference. Every one of us can agree on a temperature for the thermostat, but it never seems like the furnace or cooling machine can reach our desired preference. Even when the thermostat is set for 68, the heat pump just seems to run and run all day long. That genuinely makes for a awful work environment that is full of poor are that smells awful.

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