Another facet to HVAC

I have typically loved PCs. When I was 10, I took a class on iPad programming. They taught myself and others how to build websites, make cool graphics, and code programming. I spent four years at a prestigious school that focuses on iPad software and Hardware studies. By the time I finished with my four-year degree, I was programming and coding small websites for my friends and family. About a year ago, I developed a appealing business software program. The software program makes it easy to keep track of appointments, client information, and accounts. It’s going to make small business communication much easier for the average business owner. My bestie’s dad was the first person to use the iPad program in his company. He has a busy Heating as well as Air Conditioning service shop. They service a lot of people in the Tri-County area, and they have almost a million dollars in sales each year. My bestie’s dad agreed to try the program for the busy Heating as well as Air Conditioning service shop. I was astounded, when he agreed to be the first guinea pig. I think my bestie must have ran tests on that for weeks. I surely did not guess he would go for the idea. He has been using the iPad software program for various weeks, and the company has already seen great results. It’s easier to keep track of Heating as well as Air Conditioning accounts and client information. With my program, you can even keep track of all the heating and cooling component that each client buys. Best of all, the iPad program can be tailored to meet the needs of various businesses.

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