concerns over the heating

When you begin to get older, your one wish to end up with a to-do list that is no longer growing but is shrinking.  As my retirement gift to my wife and I, I bought a small piece of land in the country and I was building us a one bedroom home.  I have wanted to downsize since the kids started going to college. Now, was the perfect time. I was going to have a spare bedroom, but it was going to be set up as a studio for my wife to do her painting.  I knew I needed better ventilation in there, than in the other rooms, because of the paint. One of the things I hated about our huge house, was needing to sit at the house whenever we needed the HVAC company to come in.  We had to have the furnace and the air conditioning unit serviced, on a regular basis. That required myself or my wife to take a day off work and sit there until they showed up. Once every other year, we also had to sit home all day while waiting for the HVAC company to show up and clean our ductwork.  That is why I am getting a boiler heater system in our new home. The system is more compact and you don’t need the ductwork like in traditional furnaces. There is no maintenance needed to keep the boiler heater clean and running. There are no air filters to change. The boiler heater system also had a longer lifespan and it is one of the most efficient heating systems on the market.

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