dorm room heater mishap

Drake plus I have been dating for 3 months. I have to say things have been going wonderful, Drake is a honestly nice dude who is sweet, fun, plus sexy, however my friends all like Drake too. Occasionally it can be difficult to see each other, because the people I was with plus I attend across state schools. Drake is a computer geek so he is constantly inside studying plus doing things on his lap top. I am a athletic interests woman plus I do all sorts of activities I care about ¬†like swimming, doing a book club plus tennis. Our schedules are both crazy. My boyfriend Drake plus I had a nice date evening set up for our first anniversary though. I made a reservation for a dinner that Drake likes, however, he called myself and others plus said that the gas furnace in his dorm room wasn’t even laboring. Drake had to try plus deduce the furnace maintenance on his own. Drake could not handle it though. So my boyfriend and I ended up having to call the maintenance person. Drake had no idea if the maintenance guy would appeach sooner or later, so I had to cancel our date. I ¬†undoubtedly did not want Drake alone with the gas furnace maintenance person that all of us did not know either. I did not want him alone in the room on our anniversary as well. I decided to cancel our date at the place and stay with him.