Employee sold a broken AC

A couple blocks from my house is a small resale store which stocks a little bit of everything. They have clothing, toys, electronics, jewelry, and all sorts of miscellaneous items. A lot of it I view as junk, but I stop by on occasion to search for anything new. When my air conditioner died on me, I figured it would be cheaper to pick one up at that store than to buy a new one. And so I drove to the store and went inside to look around. Just like I remembered, there was a shelf of window-mounted air conditioning units in the back. I asked the employee at the register if all of the electronics had been tested to ensure they work, and they assured me that everything should be in working conditioning. They said that if I got home and it didn’t work, I could bring it back for a full refund. Having been assured I wouldn’t be wasting my money on a broken AC, I purchased my new cooling system and drove home. After getting it installed, I was dismayed to find that it was in fact broken. It was inconvenient, but I took the AC down from my window, loaded it back up, and returned to the store. A different person was at the counter now, who I learned was the manager, and when I mentioned I was there to return the AC they told me the store did not accept returns. I explained what the previous employee had told me, and when that employee returned from their break the manager had a long conversation with them. In the end, I got back my money, and went to purchase a new air conditioner from somewhere I knew it wouldn’t be broken.

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