Getting a good air conditioner filter

A couple of friends came to my place recently, and they were not too pleased with the air quality in there. One of them said the air quality was so bad, he felt as though he was breathing in pure ammonia. That was a stretch, and he kept coughing, and acting all overdramatic. At least I thought he was being overdramatic, until he kept going outside for fresh air and eventually stayed outside. My other friends said I should look into the air filter quality and see if the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system needed a new air filter. When we checked, there was a totally clogged up air filter in place, and my other friend was outside when he said he wasn’t surprised by the filth in it. The air quality was that bad, and I’d been blind to it for months! They stressed how I should invest in HEPA air filters for a little while, and that would easily treat my poor air quality. They even took me to the hardware store to show me which aisle to get them from. So thoughtful, right? I thought they were a little too costly for what I could afford, but both of my friends insisted they were totally worth the cost. You could change them out every 3 months too, as that would be often enough to maintain good air quality. I felt that was reasonable, so we made the choice to go back to my place and install the HEPA air filter. It didn’t take too long before my friends were feeling better in my house – even the most dramatic one of them all. I was undoubtedly surprised too, just at how the air quality had dramatically improved with that HEPA air filter now in place. I could see how these types of quality air filters easily were worth it.

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