He is able to repair the HVAC unit

My partner is great and on top of being a sweet man, a great and loving father, he’s also an incredibly talented individual when it comes to fixing items around our house. Reason why he’s good is that he’s been through formal certification as an electrician and plumber. He just recently got a job as a Heating plus A/C repair professional! Over the past summer, my partner had his work out for him for sure.We dealt with a total idea breakdown of our air conditioning unit during one of the hottest months of the year. This wasn’t due to wear and tear though it was more so due to a drastic thunderstorm with high winds blowing through town, and the crazy work that the storm did to our lake house was extensive. The air conditioner unit outside, which houses the compressor, condenser and coils, was totally ripped out of place and carried across the backyard by flood waters. That’s how bad it was! First, both of us had to get another Heating plus A/C repair professional out to our house and help my partner transfer the cooling system unit back onto the concrete slab where it previously sat running. From there, they ran diagnostics on the unit to determine how drastic the injury was to the unit, and they found that it had to be totally replaced. My partner was pretty upset to hear that news, although he did later admit that he was glad to replace it because he was over a decade old. So I’m glad both of us have an excuse to replace the old cooling system unit, I just hope the next storm doesn’t do anything to it.

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