How fresh of air does an air purifier leave you?

I needed to select a project topic for my college class.  Ned and I were researching a lot of weird topics. I hoped to do the paper on air quality however. I have asthma, plus Ned does suffer from allergy complications as well. My mentor thought the topic seemed like there was no information. I then told him all about Heating plus A/C equipment that targets indoor air quality. There are UV lights, media air cleaners plus even humidifiers to control wetness levels. Air quality equipment is life increasing for certain people. The mentor stressed that I focus on something more precise for the project. I thought carefully about our topic, plus finally decided to research air purifiers. I wondered if an air cleaner can eliminate 99% of airborne particles plus harmful air issues. Ned is in the medical field helped myself with a few tests. Ned and I looked up the air quality in the laboratory room. Ned and I compared the amount of particles. Then all of us caulked the section plus used a small air cleaner to clean up the air. Ned and I carefully notated all of the result. I did not want to miss a small portion of it. After 1 hour, the results was exactly identical as the unfiltered air. I kept checking the air quality every hour plus seeing how much the media air cleaner was really washing out the air. It was amazing to see what an media air cleaner really can do; Next what I want to do is put the air cleaner inside of a Heating plus A/C device plus check if that makes it work faster or nicer.

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