Loud sounds and heating

My neighbor and good friend Greg was over this day for a Latte and cookies. We usually “party” on Tuesday mornings, as we all have band practice that day. Some get dropped off at practice, while we head to our home for an hour of catching up and talking. Once we’ve finished all the tea or coffee, it’s usually about that time time to pick up the youngsters and make dinner. Last Tuesday, I decided we should go sit in the garage. The weather was nice and cool, so the people I was with and I opened the door and set some lawn chairs next to the driveway. I started to hear a legitimately peculiar grinding sound at one point, so I tried to find the source of the eerie sound, though I couldn’t locate the peculiar grinding sound! I looked all over, although I did not hear anything, Greg and I were in the garage this day as well, and I heard the grinding sound again. This time, I could hear the sound coming from our gas furnace. The sound did not seem normal, so I decided to look for some information online. I found some good information, which led me to turn off the gas furnace! I called a professional to help diagnose the issue, and then the grinding sound had been proven to be none other than the gas furnace causing all the racket. The concern was a worn belt of all things. One little worn belt caused all that noise! The gas furnace service specialist switched out the belt, and put some lubricant on the rusty parts just to keep everything nice and slick. I wondered if Greg and I will hear the same peculiar sounds next Tuesday, but I hope not – I don’t have anyone at home with me!

HVAC worker