Making sure the home is airtight

My daughter Sandy and her husband had an expensive Winter last year.  They had just bought a house of their own plus were still learning how to handle the upkeep, responsibilities and their bills.  My husband and I felt a little sorry for them but realized that it was a growing process. We didn’t want to interfere. We only offered advice if they asked because we  didn’t want to come across as pushy. It is hard to let your children struggle in any way, no matter how grown up they are. This past fall, Sandy came to us and asked if we had any ideas to help them save money on their energy bills before the Winter weather arrived.  The home that they purchased has a lot of large windows and a sliding glass door. Sandy said that there was a steady, cold draft the year before. They had paid some really costly monthly bills, despite setting the thermostat as low as possible. I suggested that they invest in new window or at least caulk around the existing ones.  I recommended they also weatherstrip the door and check the levels of insulation in the walls and ceilings. I strongly urged her to contact a local HVAC contractor for maintenance. Their furnace is rather old and may not have been properly serviced over the years. Any build up of dust or debris within the inner workings would hinder airflow and reduce efficiency.  I urged her to keep up with air filter changes and to enroll in a maintenance program with the HVAC contractor.

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