Need some heating in the computer room

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to stand after many hours of calmly sitting in a comfortable chair. Finding that your legs don’t work upon standing is always a fright! This has happened to me a number of times now. Usually after a long meeting or an extended-length movie, I get up to stretch my long legs out. Trying to stand straight up ends with me toppling over most of the time! One leg might work, yet the other is completely numb! It leaves me helpless to balance upright. I literally topple over at times, in addition to usually having to sit back down. It might be even worse when both of my hands go numb, too! It happens often when I’m not warm enough in addition to being seated for hours without pause. Usually I’m completely surprised when these hands of mine go cold, as I’m never able to find a fix for the temporary handicap. There are days when I think it’s bound to happen though, simply because the temperature is so freaking low! This happens right when I walk into the office building and get a feel for the central heating in addition to cooling settings for the afternoon. If the air first seems to be chilly, then there’s a actually solid chance that I’m going to lose all feeling in my fingers later on that afternoon! Soon, I’m trying to enter data at my desk and my fingers are losing dexterity, all because they’re falling asleep. I don’t have control over the indoor air quality settings, so the best option for me is just to just leave the office!

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