Need to take care of the HVAC

My mom had some trouble with her Heating and A/C equipment. Even though the Heating and A/C component wasn’t truly old, something was particularly wrong. My mom woke up in the day and the whole house was cold. She was running the heat all night, and the house was still frigid in the day. My mom evaluated the control unit, and the heat should have been pouring out of the air ducts. My mom called myself and others to come check on the Heating and A/C equipment. I have a little bit of knowledge, because I perform our own Heating and A/C tune ups at home. I watched professionals perform these Services every year, and now I can supply our Heating and A/C system with a nice tune up. I wasn’t sure that I could help our mom, although I was close by and decided to try. I couldn’t recognize anything coming from the air ducts, even when I turned on the undefined unit. I knew that was bad news, because it meant a likely issue with the blower. The blower is the part of the Heating and A/C unit that distributes air. If the blower doesn’t work, no air can be distributed throughout the home. I could not repair the blower, so I told our mom that she should call a professional. My mom thanked myself and others for looking at the problem, and she asked for the name of our Heating and A/C supplier. I gave them a call and busy an appointment for our mom. I guess she will be ecstatic with their friendly service and good attitude. They have been our local supplier for 2 years, and they service a lot of our co-workers and neighbors.

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