Not treating the HVAC just right

Back when there was a housing boom market, I was in the unfortunate predicament of needing a dwelling… I was getting divorced and needed to find a location to reside. I found an adorable little dwelling, however it is situated in a neighboring town. I am sick of the commute, although I can’t sell the lake dwelling for enough to make it worth selling. Instead, I will have to make it my retirement lake dwelling and hope to get it paid off in less than a decade. In the meantime, I live closer to my task and rent my lake dwelling out. I make just about the price of the mortgage, so it works out fine. Sadly, though, I have learned that my property manager has been neglecting the Heating & A/C appliance. There is not a lot to do with central heating and cooling appliances, however a single thing is crucial, you must ensure the air filters are replaced respectively. If the cooling appliance filters are not changed out as needed, the air conditioning is likely to perform rather badly and also wear out more rapidly. I wish my property manager would not neglect to make sure the tenant replaces the air filter all the time. It is a simple thing to do, and I am even willing to pay for the cooling appliance filters in order to extend the life of my oil furnace and air conditioning appliance. I recently needed to purchase and install a modern central Heating & A/C appliance, so I want it to last a long time. They definitely are overpriced systems. I would appreciate to never have to purchase another Heating & A/C appliance, however if I do, I hope to get Heating & A/C with zone control, which I think is a nice way to save energy and costs.