Pizza place cooling

When I was a teenager, I thought summer was the best three months of the year. My friend and I loved being off from school, and we made sure to make the most of it. The two of us used to go on vacations plus just hang out with our friends plus have a real good time! One of my best memories from those glory days was going to my cousin’s current home by the beach. It was right by the major hangout in his state, plus I remember there was this totally awesome hot dog shop the two of us used to go to! I can still feel the cool air of the shop now. After a day in the hot sun, the hot dog shop was cool with the best air conditioner I suppose I have ever been in to this day! The air conditioner in the hot dog shop was a combo of a central air conditioner and a window component going in the kitchen space where they grilled the hot dogs; and that window air conditioner component along with the central air conditioner component made the hot dog shop really cool plus relaxing! I wish I had an air conditioner that good in my current home! The air conditioner was what attracted a lot of the patrons I think! Sure, the hot dogs were delicious, however that air conditioner made the location a local hang out for both us youngsters and adults. Anyone that wanted to cool off would just run right to that hot dog shop for the air conditioner, just to be cool, on top of enjoying a foot long hot dog with whatever toppings you’d like! I miss those days as a kid, for sure!