Setting up new HVAC equipment

It seemed normal for my friends and I to start working at the local mall.  It was our first job and for some of us, it was the most fun. I loved working in retail sales.  I got to meet a lot of people and I made some good money, since I worked on commission. When the malls began to close and give way for internet shopping, I had to learn a new way to make sales my life.  I ended up starting my own internet business. I found someone who needed a salesman for their heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. I now had a family and I had to work hard to make a good living for them.  I loved the job, and I ended up doing really well. I set up my sales goals and tracked all of my sales. I knew how many air conditioning units and window air conditioners I needed, to make my earnings goal. If someone bought an entire HVAC system, it was the only sale I needed or the month.  I seldom walked away with only one sale because people liked me. I offered them a quality HVAC system for a fair price. I even sold them a maintenance and repair agreement to go with the HVAC. I worked for several local HVAC companies, and I set the installation through them. I loved working with people and they loved that they could look at the unit and see all of the reviews while I was talking to them.  I don’t think I ever didn’t make enough money to cover all of my expenses.

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