Sold heater and a/c

When my wife told me that the HVAC system was not working, I was a bit upset.  I wanted to check out the thermostat to make sure it didn’t need batteries, since that had happened once before.  I checked the thermostat and it really was dead. Even after putting in new batteries, the thermostat was still dead in the water.  Now, I was worried that the problem with the thermostat was more and maybe there was something broken with the heating or air conditioning system.  I called the heating, ventilation and air conditioning company hoping to get some advice, but they said they had to send out a technician to check it out.  I was still pretty sure it was just the thermostat, but I needed an expert opinion. When the HVAC tech arrived, he assured me that I was right. It was just that the thermostat was no longer working.  We had to have the thermostat replaced. He started to show us several different kinds of thermostats. My wife was pushing for the smart thermostat. I have to admit that the smart thermostat seemed to be a good way to go.  It really would help us to be more energy efficient, but I didn’t like the price. Even when he told us that we could recoup our money over the next year, I was sold, but I still didn’t have the money. We had to settle for the same style of thermostat that we originally had. I know my wife was disappointed but sometimes you just don’t have the option for that extravagant of an upgrade.

thermostat check up