Summertime a/c system

Right after Christmas,  I start a countdown till summer calendar,  I start to get excited knowing the semester would soon be ending, and after the spring semester, I would be going home.  Actually, this year, I’m not going home. I am heading to the shore. I have my own cabin on the beach. I will be working five hours a day as a lifeguard.  After I’m done with lifeguarding, I can go surfing, or swimming. I can also just hang out in the cabin. There is perfect air conditioning in the cabin. What scares me is that I get sunburned the first time I am out in the sun.  I have really fair skin. I know that if I have my aloe and the air conditioning, I wouldn’t have to worry. I just dab on the aloe vera and sit in front of the air conditioning for the rest of the day. It usually cool off the sunburn and I am all right until the next time.  I need to get SPF 1100 if they have it. I do know, that with the air conditioning, I can handle anything. So, summer vacation is only fifty days away now. I can’t wait to get to the beach and get into the cabin. I will have air conditioning, and I will be able to meet some girls.  I can bring them back to my air conditioned cabin and maybe i’ll land me a girlfriend. The worst that happens is that I have a great summer, I don’t have to share a room with my brother, and I will still have great AC.

ac system