The air cooling does not work well

I’m an easygoing fella – at least I like to think so. I never truly believed that I need much in life to make me happy or content. Some friends asked me about this the other day – since I was always in a wonderful mood. They asked me if anything ever got me down, because it never seemed like so. I said to everybody that all I truly needed was a roof over my head, a wonderful job and temperature control systems in my car. They all laughed out loud, since that last one feels a bit out of place. I suppose they didn’t expect to hear that, but one of our friends said, “So if your temperature control system broke down in your car, you would not be cheerful anymore?” I said I wouldn’t be able to deal with something so blasphemous and wrong for long. I have a long commute to and from work, so I rely on that temperature control system to keep myself and others comfortable. I said that when you’re driving on a blazing hot day, there’s nothing worse than the cooling idea breaking down! I have been in that situation several times, too – it’s never any fun nor is it a pretty sight for me. I still remember my boss even asked me if I wanted to just go home, as I was a total mess! I didn’t smell very nice either, because of all the sweat. My suit jacket was pretty much drenched and mostly ruined, much like the shirt I had on underneath.

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