The business for heat

My sister and I were so excited to be able to start our own business.  We are thinking that being the only female team owning a garage, would be unique enough to draw a lot of business for us.  We had found the perfect garage and it was plenty big enough for a lift and for several bays. We also had a small inner room that we knew would be perfect for a painting bay.  We are both certified mechanics in all parts of the cars. We also have our certification and training for doing bodywork. We plan on being a full service auto repair and body shop.  We found out about all of the licenses we need from our local, the county and the state. This in itself was expensive. We had already paid for the building and to have the lift installed.  Now we had not just licenses, but we had to take classes in business ownership. Our next step will be to get HVAC for our building. The heating is going to be our main concern. We do without the air conditioning by keeping the windows and doors open.  We need to do a ventilation system, especially for the paint bay. There is no way we can get away without heating. We had heard about a waste oil heater, which would save us some money, so our next step will be to locate a waste oil heater. I hope we are as big a hit as what we are thinking we could be, but only time will tell.

electric heater