The car has no climate control

My automobile had broke down recently, and I have no other way to get around, and so, lucky for me, I had my great buddy who lives close by offer to drive me to and from work since he works from home and I do not! He said it wouldn’t be a big issue for him and since we are so close, he didn’t mind at all, but I never like to talk bad about something or someone that does me kind favors, however his car has the worst HVAC I guess I ever felt in an automobile in my entire life! The heating, which is needed right now, does not even work entirely  well or blow through the air vents unless the car is moving! When the car stops, so does the heating or air conditioning! Then, when the car moves again, it starts again, then this means at every stop sign or red light, the HVAC stops entirely working! It is the most stupid and ridiculous thing I ever experienced in my entire life! The ride to work is pretty long, so I have been freezing my tail off most of the way because of his exhausting HVAC set up in that car. I finally complained to him about it towards the end of the month when I knew I wasn’t going to have to ride with him much longer. He told me he was aware of the HVAC problem, and that he was really looking into getting a new automobile sometime soon. Too bad he did not get one before I had to ride in it!

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