The humidity in the art studio

I decided to open an art studio last fall. I looked for a section for many weeks, before I found the perfect Studio. The section was in a wonderful part of town, plus I was glad to be located next to a truly busy Bakery. Every time I looked at the space, the bakery was constantly busy. With that amount of foot traffic, I was sure to have plenty of folks in plus out of the Art Studio. It took a few weeks to get the locale ready. After I finished with the construction plus decor, I started bringing in a few pieces of Art. As soon as I left art there overnight, I knew I right away had a problem. When I came back in the day, I could assume the moisture on the pieces of Art. There was way too much humidity in the air. I thought the humidity might be a problem, especially after working next to the bakery for a week. I contacted an indoor air pollen levels specialist about the problem. They requested   buying a dehumidifier for the art studio. The indoor air pollen levels specialist came to measure the art studio plus install a dehumidifier. They installed the dehumidifier directly in our Heating plus A/C unit. Whether the people I was with and I are using the Heat or the a/c, the dehumidifier will make sure our humidity levels always stay the same. I’m so cheerful the people I was with and I realized this problem early, before the people I was with and I lost a lot of extravagant artwork. I can’t assume that I never considered the indoor air, when I thought about placing an art studio next to a bakery.