The indoor air quality is just ruined!

When I was growing up, my mom would sometimes say to me that she hoped my dad passed away before she did. It sounds grim, I know, but it was mainly because she was convinced that she would become a hoarder if she didn’t go first. My dad actually did pass away before my mother did. As she predicted, it did result in her becoming a hoarder after ally. Keeping some of his items that held some sort of sentimental value would have been one thing, but holding onto the trash he threw out before he died was something else. It wasn’t long before there was an enormous buildup of trash to the point where the house completely reeked of garbage. Every memory I had in my childhood home involved it being clean, neat, and smelling of baked goods and warmth. Now it just smelled like trash, and had mountains of garbage around every room. It was a nightmare. It was quickly becoming apparent that the stench was ingrained into the vents themselves. We went so far as to hire a top-of-the-line HVAC technician who performed the most thorough ductwork cleaning he had to offer. It did nothing to get rid of the smell. I told my mom that we had to throw out the trash, and she agreed. It was a slow process that took a few weeks. Once all the trash was gone, we realized the smell still lingered. That was when my mom decided to get an air purifier. After a month of keeping the house clean and keeping the purifier running, the house began to smell like its old self again. My mom’s emotional well-being even improved without all the clutter she once had around the house. She’s now in a much better place.

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