The lighter cooling option

Because of residing in the northern part of the country, a/c is not really necessary, and although the people I was with and I get hot plus cold temperatures in the mid-nineties plus brutal humidity, it doesn’t last easily long.  Rather than installing a whole-new home central cooling system, I manage summer time comfort with a window a/c in our master home office. I got by with the same window a/c for many years. Due to the age of the a/c, it was rather bulky plus heavy.  I stored the a/c in the attic for the winter. The attic stairway is harshly tight, steep plus taxing to navigate. My child would usually carry the a/c down from the attic plus install it into our home office window for me. At the beginning of this past summer, our child was travelling for his work.  He was unavailable to install the a/c. He wanted me to wait for him, however the outside temperature had climbed up to eight-six degrees, plus I was having trouble sleeping at night. I decided I could manage the task on our own. I stuffed a towel under the a/c plus dragged it across the attic floor. I then bumped it down the attic stairway a single step at a time.  I once again used the towel to pull the cooling unit down the hallway plus into our home office. Lifting the a/c into the window was the most taxing part. The weight of the a/c proved too much for me plus I ended up dropping it. Because the a/c bounced off a dresser before hitting the floor, it was irreparably disfigured. I was initially easily distraught by this. However, when I went shopping for a current a/c, I was happy by how compact plus lightweight new options are.  The current a/c is easy for me to install on our own. It takes me less than 10 minutes to set it into the window, plus this a/c provides way more cool air. It is also makes less noise, effectively filters the air, is more energy efficient.