the little HVAC unit

My family and I love going on a summer vacation together each year. All of us have been to several peculiar places around the country, from beaches to islands, rugged, strenuous mountains, and even desert valleys. This past summer though, our family and I decided to go to the deep south to change things up. This was our first trip to the swampy lands in the region, but the people I was with and I had an entire month chock-full of fun events planned for the entire family. I was planning to go on an airboat ride and maybe catch an alligator show too, but I was definitely going to get some fishing done. Since we decided to rent out a big “mansion” on the river, we expected this place to be immense enough for all the people in the family to comfortably fit! When the people I was with and I arrived to our endpoint though, we all found the shack to be far more “shack” sized than the pictures led us to believe! My family and I still figured that central heating and air conditioning were a given, but each of the rooms was equipped with a window heating and air conditioning unit – no central A/C! At a minimum, we felt there should be four bedrooms, right? There was only two in the entire “mansion”. I was furious! But hey, the view was nice, and we even had a deck we could fish from. The heating and air conditioning system in each room was the worst part of it all though, as my family and I used the a/c while we were inside, despite the systems causing each room to reek like mold and mildew. We had no real choice other than running the a/c! The temperatures were so humid in the place, the exhausting smell gave me a sinus headache. By the end of the trip, I was eager to head back to my home with my excellent central heating and air conditioning system!

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