The typical heating system

When it comes to finding the ideal solution to some problem, the internet can be very helpful. There’s always someone else who has run into similar circumstances or concerns. I can learn from what they have tried.  It eliminates trial and error and plus puts me a few steps ahead in all sorts of situations. This was super helpful when my boss asked me to purchase an efficient, low cost, HVAC system for our building. We needed it to maintain comfort while renovations were being completed.  We didn’t have the budget to invest into something permanent, so I went online to research rental units. I came across commercial HVAC units that can be used for short term or long term heating and cooling by leasing them. This meant that the leasing company was responsible for maintenance and any necessary repairs in the event of a breakdown.   This seemed like an optimum way to handle our requirements. In fact, looking into it further, we decided this temporary solution might work as a long term one as well. We typically spend thousands of dollars per year on preventative service, repairs, and running costs. If we removed those expenses and left all the responsibility to the lease company, we would make out better at the end of the year.  We are now working out details with the leasing company and are looking forward to saving some money on HVAC expenses. I’m happy I was able to come up with this solution. I’m hoping the new way of handling heating and cooling will be a benefit to the company.

HVAC specialist