totally damaged by the metal

Last month was the end of the week, plus the people I was with and I are always busiest at the end of the week, however there are tons of reports to file plus spreadsheets to make, then all of the accounts need to be balanced at the end of the week. It’s truly hectic during this time, plus the people I was with and I usually have all hands on deck. We were especially busy last week, because it was also the end of our fiscal quarter. We were all trying to crunch numbers plus make them look good. Shortly after supper, the people I was with and I lost our air conditioning. We tried toggling the temperature control, however nothing changed the amount of cold air coming out of the air vents. We did not have any air conditioning at all. My boss called the building manager, plus they checked on the air conditioning problem. All of our air conditioning handlers are located on the roof. When the building manager went to the roof to check the air conditioning handlers, he found numerous of them badly disfigured. There was a hunk of metal sticking straight out of the machines. We still have no method where the piece of metal came from. We hired an air conditioning contractor to repair the problem. They had to replace many of the numerous air handlers, plus the sixth one acquired a major repair as well. The contractor told us that it looked appreciate a piece of metal from a plane. The air conditioning contractor requested   the people I was with and I locale a metal housing component around the air conditioning equipment, to keep this problem from happening again in the future. My boss agreed plus they will beginning the project in a day or several.

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