Trying to save up for a/c

How is it that there’s so many people I work with, who have had their vacations planned out for the entire year? I have always been pretty jealous of these folks, as I just can’t imagine how they can plan ahead and account for life and all of its randomness. It seems to me that life is so unpredictable! Setting aside 2 weeks and a thousand dollars or so, all while life tries to throw curveballs at you to sway you from that vacation. I think that in our own household, we are not currently saving up for a fun Summer vacay. No, the reality is that we’re barely managing to pay off the bills. Rather than trying to save up for a fun trip out of town, we’re just trying to keep the accounts from being overdrawn. Affording our A/C all Summer long is a challenge in itself! last year, we found out that the place we’ve been living in was not very well insulated. Our utility bill certainly supported this, as did every month our energy bill that beat the record set by the last one! The apartment rarely felt cool, nor did it smell fresh enough to explain the sum of money we were handing over each month. This year, we are thinking ahead – first by improving our central cooling capabilities, then by saving up for the pending costs! I have arranged for a highly noted Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company to come out to our property, and inspect our A/C in addition to ductworks thoroughly before Summer heat sets in. I have also been now working several hours into overtime weekly, just so I can rack up enough cash for even the hottest of summers!

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