Unhappy with the amount of a/c

Does the matter of luck really exist? If someone walks into a casino, plays a few games of cards, and walks out with twice what he came in with, is he lucky, skilled, or maybe he’s both? I have been thinking about the matter of luck a lot lately because, for the first time in my life, I have felt genuinely unfortunate. I keep wondering if it’s just because of random occurrences, or if it’s because my past poor decisions have come back around to slap me in the face. I was having some major issues with my air conditioner a few weeks back. It was working on and off for a little bit before shutting off completely one day. Once it died, and all the vents stopped working, I was cursing my rotten luck because such a thing was happening. My HVAC equipment was fairly new, so there was no reason why it should be dying out like this. It had to be bad luck, but then I remembered the air filter. When I moved in a year ago, I was told to check on the air filter periodically and change it when it started to look dirty. I never even snuck a glance at it the entire time I’ve lived here. There’s that old phrase that you make your own luck, and I think I may have made my own bad luck. I decided to try changing the air filter, but the old one was beyond clogged to the point where it was no surprise that my system had died. The damage had, unfortunately, been done. My HVAC equipment was way past just needing a new filter.

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