Want to pair up with the thermostat

I’m not sure how much longer I am going to be able to handle my wife’s screaming.  I don’t mean she screams at me, but whenever she is happy or surprised, she screams like a little girl.  The other day, she found another reason to scream. She was terribly disappointed. I was about to take a drink of water.  When she screamed, I jumped and the glass fell to the floor and broke. I ran to see what was wrong only to find out that she noticed the air conditioning was broke.  The thermostat didn’t have any readings on it. I checked the thermostat and I was pretty sure it was just in need of new batteries. I walked out of the room and picked up the batteries in the kitchen.  When I returned, I put the new batteries in the thermostat and it came to life. All I had to do then, was to reset the temperature settings. I told her she would now be able to connect the Smart Thermostat to her phone, and begin programming the rest of the thermostat.  The air conditioning sprang to life and I was feeling cool air conditioning coming from the air vent. I walked away and I got another drink while she was squealing with delight about the air conditioning working again. When I went back to the room, she told me how proud she was of me to be able to fix the AC unit.  I told her I would be even prouder of her if she would quit her screaming before she gives me a heart attack.

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