What is up with the heater

Every year, when the thermostat readings start getting lower, I consistently debate with myself over whether or not I want to use the heater. I live in the south, so I will say that the freezing weeks are fewer than the tepid one’s. That being said, using the furnace seems to cost so much money. I am not sure why, except perhaps that the furnace is less efficient that the air conditioner. I have central heating as well as cooling, as all the people in my neck of the woods do. BUt expense is not the only reason I have for debating with myself. Another reason is that I just don’t love the feel of forced air heating. The tepid air that blows forth from the air vents in every room is consistently so dry. It makes my skin flake as well as it causes myself and others to periodically even get nosebleeds. I hate having to choose between being too freezing or having nosebleeds! Also, I have noticed that my hair becomes an unruly mess the longer I am forced to use the heater. I feel because it is so dry, my hair develops this static situation as well as just sticks out all over my head. It is quite annoying as well as not truly appealing. I’m not sure if that is due to the heating itself, or whether it is simply the drop in thermostat readings outside. I remember when I was truly little, I used to live up north. The only things I truly remember about the freezing weather are playing outside in the snow, ice skating, as well as putting my mittens on the radiator to dry. I wonder if I hated the furnace back then, too?

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