What is up with the thermostat

I had some people over at my home the other evening which proved to be a wonderful evening spent with all of my friends. Later in the evening, the cooling system just shut down completely without warning. That’s when my friends kind of looked at each other before saying, “I think your cooling system just died.” I laughed as I told everyone there was nothing to fret over here, as I had been expecting this to happen for some time. I went on to explain that the batteries were low in the thermostat, hence me knowing it was going to fail soon enough. In the interest of pinching pennies, I just wanted to use up the battery life first! I suppose you can say I’m one of those folks who will squeeze every last drop from the orange, so to speak. The batteries in the control unit are no exception! I had the new batteries ready to go and all, as soon as the control unit shut off I was able to replace them. Once the new batteries were in, the cooling system was right back online without issue! Everyone cheered, though they gave me plenty of grief for being so stingy with my batteries. Look, I don’t tell them how to live, so they can mind their business! Not switching out the batteries right away allows me to go a few more days with the old batteries, and save a little more cash by not having to buy new batteries so soon. I also save a lot of money by being enrolled in a nice Heating and Air Conditioning repair plan, which covers so many repairs and maintenance visits for my heating and air conditioning equipment. I only pay a low yearly rate for everything they do, which I think is the real savings!

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