Zone control is the dream

Are you actually living the dream? What does that even mean to you? If you could live somewhere and in any sort of way, what would you choose? As for me, I would love to live a relaxing lifestyle. I would like to get rid of much of the technology, and I would love not to have to live in today’s cut throat environment. There are people who believe living the dream means residing in a fancy dwelling on the beach with all the amenities a single person could possibly imagine. I have seen dwellings on the beach with marble all over the locale, smart control units, heated floors, Heating, Ventilation, and A/C with zone control. I have seen fireplaces that don’t offer any heat in the slightest, and if people were counting on it to keep from being nippy if their central heating died suddenly, they would likely freeze to death. I would definitely enjoy living on the beach, no doubt, even though I could never afford to do so here. I would have to retire to some less extravagant country. I would not demand all those amenities, either. I don’t actually require marble floors or fancy gymnasiums in my dwelling, however who needs all that when you are right on the beach? I would want to have a reliable cooling system and an oil furnace, too if it would be required for me, even though I do not need something extravagant. I could live with a easy window a/c appliance and ceiling fans! The best thing to have if you are residing in a moderate country is to have a pool that you actually have time to get into.

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