A very cold air cooling system

When my wife and I brought our child house from the hospital, every one of us were understandably terrified. Every one of us had no idea what to do! Even with my wife’s mother staying with us for the next week, every one of us still felt that this just wasn’t going to go well. Thankfully every one of us found the parental figures within us, and now we’re masters of child-rearing. At least, so every one of us thought. When I took my child to the pediatrician for his 9-week checkup, he had a slight cold. I asked the pediatrician if my child might be developing anything serious, and he asked myself and others something I didn’t expect: He wanted to know if I ran the air conditioner program fairly low! I hesitated at first, before saying that I respectfully ran it around seventy-eight degrees. This was a lie – every one of us run the air conditioner in our house around seventy degrees! That’s only because I sweat certainly easily, and need the cool air. The pediatrician explained that this was good, because too much cool air can allow a baby to abruptly develop sinus infections, ear infections and more! Hearing that made myself and others abruptly desire cool air from our air conditioner program far less than usual, simply because I could see how luxurious it would be to take our child to the doctor over and over for these infections. The reality was, I could just run the air conditioner at a slightly warmer temperature and use an oscillating fan if I needed to. As long as the air quality didn’t suffer too much, I should’ve been fine!

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